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Do you have old salvaged tile for sale?

Do you have old salvaged tile for sale?
If so, then give us the opportunity to look at it. You can go to for information about what we are looking for . We base the tile that we purchase on several factors:
Most of our roof reclamation projects are located in Colorado, especially the Denver metro area, from which we base our primary operations. Logistically, it is not feasible for us to travel great distances to remove a roof. We will, however, most likely be able to connect you with someone who will be interested in your rooftop tile and is located in your general area.
Tiles that are on the ground are often purchased no matter where they are located, depending on the type of tile. Salvaged tiles that have been separated and properly palletized will of course bring a higher price. Another important factor is whether the associated trim tiles that were on the roof were properly salvaged and available. Having the trim with the field tiles makes the prospect of purchase much more attractive.
In the long run, whether we purchase it or we pass it on to another for purchase, we hate to see history or historical material tossed out.
If you have a collection of historic tiles, either small or large, on the ground and in disarray, we are still interested in taking a look. Very often collections of tile begin to get in the way. We are interested in your tiles and if it is of value to us, we will provide the pallets and labor to sort, palletize and ship out a messy tile collection. Again, it will depend on the type of tile we are dealing with. We will do whatever we can to see that someone, somewhere, can salvage your material!

You can also contact Custom Tile Roofing, who now manages the salvaged roof tile inventory.

Thanks for keeping us posted on the roofers in Calgary. I wish I knew more about the subject. Keep up the great posts.
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